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Benefits of 24 volt lifepo4 deep cycle lithium-ion forklift battery for electric pallet jack and industrial AGV forklift

Benefits of 24 volt lifepo4 deep cycle lithium-ion forklift battery for electric pallet jack and industrial AGV forklift

For a majority of companies, the cost is usually among the many critical factors that affect the decision-making process. This is usually the case whenever you are buying high-value assets like vehicles and material equipment. Many material handling businesses usually require forklifts. These help them handle and sort materials that come in large packages. Since many materials are packaged in pallets, they are easily handled by forklifts. Many organizations require either warehouses or construction sites. Due to the efficiency of forklifts in these environments, many companies find mobile forklifts indispensable. But the forklifts usually rely on an efficient battery to work optimally. You must choose the right battery for your forklift. This way, you can effectively and efficiently handle whatever materials that you have.

24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery
24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery

Choosing the most suitable forklift battery means that you get to work efficiently. While there are various voltage ratings for the different lithium-ion batteries, the 24 volt variant is a solid option. Many forklifts, depending on the 24 volt lithium-ion battery. It is chosen because there are many advantages and benefits of a 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery.

Advantages and benefits of 24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery

Before the lithium-ion forklift battery became widely popular, people used lead-acid batteries for their forklifts. It was until more recently that lithium-ion batteries became widely used. Due to the advantages and benefits of this battery, it is fast gaining popularity. Businesses and companies need to use the 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery. This is because the batteries have been well-defined over time. Even though the lithium-ion battery had been introduced before now, they seem to have superior benefits and advantages. When it comes to the benefits and advantages, the 24 volt lithium-ion forklift seems to be the superior option. This is because of the following advantages and benefits:

Shorter charging time to optimize productivity

The lithium-ion battery has been optimized for fast charging. Compared to other battery types, they charge in a way lesser time. A 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery usually has a total charge time of 2 hours. The lead-acid batteries usually need a longer charging time. They usually have a battery charging duration of between 8 and 48 hours. This is how long it takes them to charge fully.

It guarantees a longer service life

Lithium-ion batteries that are rated at 24 volts usually come with long service life. Due to how important they are, you may need a forklift battery with longer service life. A 24 volt lithium-ion battery usually comes with very long service life. This ensures that you get the work done. But apart from lithium-ion batteries, many other types usually come with shorter service lives. This means that within a short time, those batteries will need to be replaced. This is why such batteries can be seen as a recurring expense. This makes the cost of managing the forklift increase. Due to the cost of maintenance, the service life of your forklift battery is highly important. A lead-acid battery can handle about 1500 approximate charge cycles. However, a lithium battery has approximately 3000 cycles. This is why they are such an essential option to be used in your forklift.

Lithium-ion batteries come with a safety management system

When servicing your 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery, you might want to consider its safety. In comparison, other battery options like the lead-acid seem to not have enough safety systems. lead-acid batteries usually involve the use of dangerous materials such as sulphuric and lead-acid. These batteries usually require water. This means that during the process of water, there is the risk of spills and splatters if it isn’t done the right way. Also, there are other risks like contamination and corrosion. During charging, lead-acid batteries are usually seen to release toxic fumes. Also, these batteries are vulnerable to heating. This is why they should be used within a controlled environment. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries contain lithium iron phosphate or LFP. They come with stationary electrodes, which come in a sealed casing. This way, there are no orifices or openings for the internal components to cause harm. The 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery comes with a safety management system which makes them superior.

They are very versatile

Another benefit of the 24 volt lithium-ion battery is the fact that it is versatile. A 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery can work on any type of forklift. This means that it can work on the various available forklifts like the walkie pallet jacks, the walkie stackers, the centre riders, and the end riders.

They are reliable

Another important benefit of the 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery is that they are reliable. Due to their reliability, they make forklift operators in warehouses and construction sites highly productive. A less reliable battery will be susceptible to downtimes and breakdowns. In many industrial environments, unplanned downtimes and equipment breakdowns usually lead to a lack of productivity among workers.

They provide optimum productivity

The 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery is used in forklifts because of its ability to work optimally. This type of battery does need too much time and activities for charging. It can enhance productivity since the battery can be charged while in the forklift. This way, the forklift will be able to stay productive. Due to this easy charging method, there won’t be any lost time.

They can be maintained easily

It doesn’t take much for you to maintain the 24 volt electric lithium-ion forklift battery. This benefit has made this battery easily superior when working on the forklifts. Other options like lead-acid batteries usually require consistency and commitment. For example, you are expected to add water to it regularly. While this may seem like an easy task, it isn’t always that simple. If you fail to change the water the right way, the battery could be damaged. Alternatively, lithium-ion batteries are known to be game-changers. These types of batteries do not need much maintenance, but they can usually offer the best performances. The only little care that is needed by the lithium-ion batteries is to charge them as specified. Apart from this, there isn’t much to worry about concerning the battery.

24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery
24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery

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