Walkie Pallet Jacks Battery

12 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturers

The Lithium-ion Motorized Walkie Pallet Jacks
The Walkie Pallet Jacks is an excellent alternative to a hand pallet truck.
The Lithium-ion powered Walkie Pallet Jacks is ideal for warehousing, retail, and delivery. Its long run times and fast charging capabilities combined with powered travel, lift, and lower functions will increase operator productivity. The Walkie Pallet Jacks with maintenance-free Lithium battery with optional different capacities for various applications

Such as 3,300 lbs capacity Electric Pallet Jack which features electric-powered drive and lift and comes standard with a 48V/20 Ah lithium-ion battery which boasts powerful and robust energy which provide more than enough power to last 6 hours’ worth of continuous operation. Batteries also feature fast and short boost charge with only 3 hours charging to achieve full charge making it a great option to buy an extra lithium-ion battery to replace batteries in between application in order to maximize efficiency.

JB BATTERY lithium-ion Walkie Pallet Jacks battery
JB BATTERY can make your company the edge in productivity and affordability. JB BATTERY LiFePO4 Walkie Pallet Jacks battery offers the Pallet Jacks is a Lithium-Ion powered, pallet jack offering exceptional durability, maneuverability, and affordability. Add in long run times, fast charging, and simple battery changes, and it’s easy to see how the JB BATTERY LiFePO4 battery gives Walkie Pallet Jacks a productivity edge over manual hand pallet jacks.

JB BATTERY 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V lithium-ion electric Walkie Pallet Jacks ensures long usage times and more flexibility. Replacement of the maintenance-free LiFePO4 Ah lithium-ion battery is an intuitive, straightforward process that can be completed extremely quickly without the need for tools. You can thus greatly increase the productivity of your Walkie Pallet Jacks truck with JB BATTERY lithium-ion battery.

Easier Charging & Storage Protocols: Lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity charged – and thrive on it! That means you can charge when it is convenient for you. Lithium-ion batteries also don’t need their own charging/storage space since they don’t come with the same hazardous/environmental risks that lead acid batteries do.

Maintenance-free LiFePO4 replacement / spare battery with lithium-ion technology
For more flexibility and long usage times
Quick and easy battery replacement, instead of Lead-Acid.

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