3-Wheel Forklift Battery

3 Wheel Forklift
If you need a workhorse for an indoor warehouse with limited space, a 3 wheel forklift may be exactly what you need. Its small turning radius makes it much easier to operate in tight spaces than 4-wheeled alternatives. A 3-wheel electric drive configuration has a dual steer wheel mounted centrally beneath the counterweight. It’s also good if you’re looking to accomplish a lot of inside and outside rack loading. A big bonus is that 3 wheel forklifts typically cost a lot less than larger machines.

A 3 wheel forklift is also a great tool for unloading trailers on site. Because these forklifts are so small, they can be transported on the back of a semi-truck, giving them the alternate name “piggyback forklift”. A piggyback forklift is transportable and takes only a minute to dismount from the truck.

Piggyback forklifts, also known as truck-mounted forklifts, are lightweight and easy to use.

The most important disadvantage to note is that forklifts with three wheels cannot handle a capacity over 2500kg. So if your job entails any loads larger than that, it will not be stable when turning and is therefore not safe. They’re also difficult to maneuver on rough terrain, so if your job site is on uneven ground, gravel, or soil, it will be difficult with a 3 wheel.

3 Wheel Forklift Battery
JB BATTERY LiFePO4 forklift batteries compatible with all 3 Wheel Forklifts, our forklift lithium batteries are guaranteed to operate 200% longer than all other deep-cycle lead acid battery options for your forklifts. This LiFePO4 forklift battery seres is the most efficient and highest capacity option available today, being capable of being quick charged during breaks and requiring zero maintenance throughout the entire lifespan of the battery.

JB BATTERY LiFePO4 Forklift Battery Series
JB BATTERY 24V/36V/48V/72V/80V/96V Forklift batteries are not only the safest option around, emitting zero harmful fumes or toxic material unlike lead acid or propane, but this kit will also last you up to 10 years, whereas lead acid has to be replaced every 2-3 years and propane regularly. Plus, these forklift batteries afford you at a minimum 2x longer run times with no decline in performance as the battery discharges. Save time and money today with JB BATTERY LiFePO4 battery.

Technical Features
JB BATTERY LiFePO4 3-wheel forklift battery, featured by large capacity, good sealing performance and long service life, the LiFePO4 Series traction battery is provided with powder irrigation type positive plate and high-strength plastic shell with heat sealing structure, or commercial grade steel case material. It is mainly used as large traction forklift power supply.

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