Narrow Aisle Lithium Forklift Battery

Narrow-aisle trucks shine in tight spaces
The narrow-aisle trucks are the perfect solution for use in the medium and upper high rack sector. They set new benchmarks with regard to flexibility, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness and ensure maximum throughput performance in narrow aisles. Thanks to their mechanical and inductive wire guidance, the narrow-aisle trucks operate very closely to the racks, which enables high travel and lift speeds while also reducing the strain on the operator. Depending on the circumstances and requirements of your warehouse, you can also enhance your high rack stackers with additional performance modules for the utmost flexibility.

JB Battery is a lithium ion battery pack manufacturer producing 12 Volt,24 Volt,36 Volt,48 Volt,60 Volt,72 Volt,80 Volt 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah 500Ah lifepo4 lithium-ion forklift battery pack using for narrow aisle forklifts to provide long runtime and reliable performance.

JB BATTERY LiFePO4 forklift battery is perfect suitable for Narrow Aisle Forklift
One of the most important benefits of JB BATTERY’s choice of lithium is the dramatic increase in energy density over current lead-acid battery solutions. JB BATTERY uses Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) which has a specific energy of ~110 watt-hours per kilogram, compared to lead-acids ~40 watt-hours per kilogram. What does this mean? JB BATTERY batteries can be ~1/3 the weight for similar amp-hour ratings.

Speed & Efficiency
JB BATTERY lithium batteries are fast. They can be fast charged completely and can handle ultra-fast charging up to 1C (a full charge in 1 hour). Lead-acid can only be fast-charged up to 80% after which charging current drops dramatically. In addition, JB BATTERY lithium batteries maintain excellent performance under discharge rates as high as 3C continuous (full discharge in 1/3 an hour) or 5C pulsed. Lead-acid experiences dramatic voltage sag and capacity reduction by comparison. In fact, the discharge profile of a JB BATTERY lithium battery shows how voltage and power remain almost constant throughout its discharge, unlike lead-acid. This means that even when the battery runs low, performance stays high.

Battery charging anytime you want
JB BATTERY batteries exhibit no ‘memory effect’ associated with opportunity charging, so discharge and charge the battery at any point without consequence. With lead-acid, failure to fully charge leads to sulfation which damages the batteries. This also occurs when storing lead-acid while not fully charged. With JB Battery lithium-ion, store the battery at any state of charge except near zero. Finally, JB BATTERY lithium is ~95% energy efficient, compared to the ~80% efficiency for lead-acid batteries. JB BATTERY batteries perform better when charged during breaks in the day. Running JB BATTERY lithium-ion batteries using ‘opportunity charging’ can actually increase cycle lifetime and decrease the battery size required for a job, saving you money. So JB BATTERY lithium-ion battery is the best choice for your Narrow Aisle Forklift.

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