Walkie Stackers Battery

Walkie Stackers
Walkie Stackers offer a safer alternative to rider forklifts for small to medium sized facilities. Maximum travel speed is a reasonable walking pace of just over 3mph and with rearward facing forks during most travel, a walking operator has unimpaired vision and greater time to react. Switching to Walkie Stackers can greatly reduce workplace injuries and help to reduce the high costs associated with them, including liability insurance, Workman’s Comp claims and operator training.

The power you need and the precision you want.
You can save valuable cycle time with drive-in-access to pallets and easy-to-operate controls. The sideshift function provides sideways movement of the carriage permitting a load to be picked up or put away even if it is not perfectly aligned with the truck.

JB BATTERY Walkie Stackers battery
JB BATTERY Lithium-ion battery packs are sealed units with no watering or battery change-outs required and can be safer than lead-acid batteries. During charging, they avoid exposure to harmful acid and vapors and eliminate the need for expensive ventilation systems. During use, the battery management system measures individual cell temperature and voltage while providing deep-discharge, short circuit and overcharge protections.

JB Battery China producing lifepo4 12 volt 24 volt 36 volt 100ah 200ah 300ah 400ah lithium ion battery pack for smaller electric fork lifts such as walkie stackers, pallet jacks and end riders.

JB BATTERY offers the lightweight but powerful Walkie Stackers lithium-ion battery pack delivers 24 V / 36 V, 130 Ah/ 230Ah/ 252Ah/ 280Ah/ 344Ah and can last for 3,000 cycles are built with LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, making these batteries some the most efficient and long-lasting on the market today. It is UL Listed and compatible with forklift OEM interface requirements.” It is the right choice that’s also easy to make—these batteries have demonstrated high dependability and performance in many material handling operations throughout Europe and America.

Industrial lithium-ion pallet jack batteries are designed to run optimally and efficiently in rigorous operations while providing you consistent power on demand. Through charging anytime easier you can lower recharge time and save on energy costs without reducing the lifespan of the battery.

JB BATTERY lithium stacker charges faster, lasts longer and weighs less than the classic pallet trucks with lead-acid battery.

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