Forklift Battery R&D & Manufacturing

JB BATTERY specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of advanced forklift Lithium-Ion battery systems for the material handling power supply. JB BATTERY’s lithium-ion battery is a China based manufacturer headquartered in Guangdong.

JB BATTERY produces advanced Lithium-ion power systems that are a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and safer alternative to lead acid batteries. JB BATTERY is proud to serve the Material Handling industry and adjacent markets about forklift trucks,  Aerial Work Platform(AWP), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Autoguide Mobile Robots(AGM).

With a customer-focused approach, we strive to provide superior customer support to ease the transition to a new technology.

R&D Department

UL safety electrical testing laboratory

High and low temperature performance test machine

Forklift battery sample performance test

Instrument Salt and Fog Test Equipment

Research and development equipment

Forklift battery limit performance test


Robotic equipment

Dust-free plant

Low tolerance

Automated line

Visual check system

Pack stacking

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