Case in Canada:Cooperate with local Lead-Aicd Battery Manufacturer

JB BATTERY is a China manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for the material handling industry. We offer a forklift battery for all makes and models of electric forklift trucks (Class I, II, and III forklift types), aerial lift platform(ALP), automated guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and autoguide mobile robots(AGM)., and more. JB BATTERY manufactures a Li-ion power pack for every battery-powered forklift.

JB BATTERY lithium forklift battery with it’s core technologies to make it stand out from the global market. And bring a bread new world for forklift, material handling equipment, warehousing and etc.

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Over the past year, JB BATTERY has a cooperation with a forklift battery manufacturer Canada. This company’s product is Lead-Acid forklift battery, their Lead-Acid battery was very popular in Canada over the past 20 years. However, the lithium battery is popular, powerful and convenient today. They lost most of market. So this Canada forklift battery manufacturer contacted JB BATTERY, looking for lithium-ion forklift battery technical support. We support them the high-performnace LiFePO4 series forklift lithium-ion battery technical with different voltage, different capacity lines. And we also offer the finished products to this company, like the LiFePO4 battery for heavy forklifts. With JB BATTERY’s help, this partner bacomes a lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturer Canada from a lead-acid forklift battery manufacturer.

The all-new JB BATTERY lithium-ion forklift batteries will change the way you think about performance. They deliver faster charging, greater efficiency, and increased cycle life, all in a maintenance-free package – that means lower operational costs for your business compared to traditional power sources. Featuring a dual cable system and integrated BMS (Battery Management System), JB BATTERY lithium-ion forklift batteries offer convenience and battery monitoring while providing all the power you need to get the job done.

LiFePO4 batteries with high energy dense and automotive grade components, can be recharged rapidly, which will definitely impress you a lot for the good capability of multi-shift working for the material handling equipment in factories or warehouses. So lithium is the future instead of Lead-aicd.

JB BATTERY is more than just a manufacturer — our partners know us for always going the extra mile to meet the customer’s needs and support our customers.No matter you are the deales, users, or even manufacturers, we could have a deal. JB BATTERY have helped businesses all across the global market transition from diesel, LPG, and traditional lead-acid batteries to the more technologically advanced, more economic, and safer lithium power. Whether you’re a longtime lithium-ion forklift battery user or still considering the switch, JB BATTERY can provide you with a tailored power solution. Our practical expertise leads the way in the lithium industrial battery market.

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