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What Is The Difference Between High Voltage And Low Voltage Batteries

What Is The Difference Between High Voltage And Low Voltage Batteries

Are you at that crossroads where you don’t know which one to choose between high voltage batteries and low voltage batteries? Both high voltage batteries and low voltage batteries are beneficial, depending on what you hope to achieve. They are all useful energy solutions in their own unique way.

So, how do you know which one to choose between the two? This article will be taking you on a trip, explaining the features that differentiate both batteries from one another.

36 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery
36 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery

Higher Discharge Rate

This is one area where high voltage batteries differ significantly from low voltage batteries. There are several voltages online regarding the actual value of a high voltage battery. That’s why the average value is taken as 192 volts.

But, even though most people don’t agree on the reference voltage value, some features are common to all high voltage batteries regardless. That is the fact that they have a higher discharge rate compared to their low voltage counterpart. Loads with high voltage normally require large bursts of voltage to function. Such systems usually charge and discharge at a fast rate. When a high voltage is sent to the load at a fast rate, the system can continue working even after losing a considerable amount of voltage after starting.

Higher Efficiency

High voltage batteries are also perceived as a better option because they boast a higher efficiency when working. They are designed to let you use a smaller amount of current during the charging process. The advantage of such a setup is that it prevents the high voltage battery from overheating as it charges. With less overheating, comes more power retention for the entire system.

Therefore, if you seek a good reason to purchase a high voltage battery, consider the higher efficiency. Does that imply that low voltage batteries are not efficient? Absolutely not! They are also efficient, but not as efficient as their high voltage counterpart when used for certain applications.

Can Be Easily Expanded

As good as high voltage batteries, they are not without one or two shortcomings. It is only wise you take note of these shortcomings before reaching a decision on which one to use. One disadvantage of high voltage battery is that they are difficult to expand. In stark contrast, it won’t take you anything to scale up your low voltage battery if you desire more power.

You can easily connect other low voltage battery systems to the one you have to boost its delivery. This connection is usually done in series. But if you are dealing with a high voltage battery, you will most likely get another battery that can meet your needs.

Weight and Mass Saving Benefits

This feature should be very obvious even without much explanation. High voltage batteries are adored and preferred due to their mass and weight saving benefits. If you are putting a number of low voltage batteries that can equate to one high voltage battery, you can imagine how many of those batteries you need.

Let us assume you have one 12 volts lithium battery and you are looking to achieve a 240 volts battery. That means you need to connect 20 of those batteries in series to actualize the required voltage. If you compare that to one 240 volts high voltage battery, you can see how the latter conserves weight and mass.

Hence, anyone looking to conserve space would prefer to use one high voltage battery in place of many low voltage batteries.


The issue of which option is more cost-effective can be easily misconstrued. Many experts believe that low voltage batteries have a lesser economic implications compared to their high voltage counterparts. They cost a lot less than what is required to set up a high voltage battery. This should not be confusing in any way, particularly when you are considering a single unit for both instances.

From a non-practical standpoint, low voltage batteries are voted as the cheapest. But, in actual sense, the cost-effectiveness of the system you choose will depend on other factors.

Higher Current Value

It is also regarded that low voltage batteries promise higher currents than high voltage batteries. They have thick conductors for connecting the batteries. Low voltage batteries are easier and safer to work with too because of the low voltages. That also makes them simpler to scale should you desire more power in the future.

The low voltage batteries are difficult to use in starting heavy loads that demand huge voltage burst. So even if the current advantage is there, they lag in supplying normal voltage.

Which One Will Be Perfect For You?

We hinted on this earlier. The best option for you will depend on what you hope to achieve. You need to sit down and evaluate your energy needs before coming up with a decision. If you need the battery for a residential purpose, the chances are that a low voltage battery will give you what you desire. You can also use high voltage options for residential spaces when you are dealing with huge loads.

However, high voltage batteries will be best suited for commercialized settings. They are to serve spaces that require a huge amount of voltage. So, it is paramount to state here that the best option for you depends on what your objectives are. That is how it works.

forklift lithium battery manufacturers
forklift lithium battery manufacturers


High voltage batteries and low voltage batteries will continue to exist for as long as we know. This post has explained that even though there seem to be different reference values for high voltage batteries, they all appear to have some things in common. Also explained, is the fact that low voltage batteries differ from their high voltage brothers in many respects. To choose the best battery system for your needs, you need to know how these battery systems differ from one another. All battery solutions are useful, it all depends on what your goals are. Identify your power needs, and it will be easy for you to make a choice.

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