Technical Support

We have reached a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with many well-known domestic and foreign companies, and provided lithium battery application solutions and technical supportfor well-known international companies.


Custom Design

According to customer needs and application scenarios, professional engineers provide reliable solutions.


High Security

We use our own batteries which have passed various international standards for the reliability of the batteries.


High Performance

15 years of focus, only for customer satisfaction, to provide guarantee for product battery life in various fields.

Pre-sales Service

Provide customers with free technical consulting services;
Provide customers with equipment selection schemes for free;
Regularly invite customers to visit the factory for free to inspect product design, production process and quality control mechanism.

Energy Consulting Saves Costs

Energy consumption is an economic issue and is also relevant for a company’s sustainability. Linde provides energy consumption consulting services, depending on the relevant operating conditions, at numerous sites. This covers the selection of the appropriate battery size and type as well as the number of batteries and chargers to be used, for example. Depending on the operating environment, it may, for example, make sense to use a central charging station. Our experts help you to optimize your consumption costs and structure your energy supply with a view to the future.

In-sales Service

Actively arrange professional technical personnel to provide customers with relevant product training, such as product quality management process presentation product installation and use method explanation, system design scheme sharing, common failure analysis and solutions and other services.
During the product manufacturing process, we invite relevant technical personnel from the customer to our company to inspect the inspection process of each process and provide product inspection standards and inspection results to relevant personnel of customers.

After-sales Service

Provide regular maintenance, maintenance and training services for common troubleshooting;
Provide technical guidance for re-inspection, installation and use of remote or on-site equipment;
Establish permanent files for users, including user information, product information, product traceability records, etc., and regularly implement a return visit system to users to solve problems in the product use process for users.

Online Technical Management and Support

JB BATTERY will provide you with remote data reports through an app. Our experts will guide you on solving any issues online.

After-Sales Support

JB BATTERY will help you examine and fix the issues and exchange the battery for you if necessary.

For You, this Means:

Full legal certainty
Automatic compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications
Sustainable and permanent safety for your employees
An overview of the precise condition of the fleet
Timely checks thanks to a reminder service

The JB BATTERY experts also provide a recommendation on which defects should be rectified promptly to avoid potential consequential damage. This means that the benefits of the check are two-fold.

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