LiFePO4 Battery Application for Different Kinds of Forklift

Constant Power

Lithium forklift batteries deliver consistent power and battery voltage throughout the full charge, while lead-acid battery charges deliver declining power rates as the shift wears on.

Faster Charging

Lithium forklift batteries provide significantly faster charging speeds and do not require charging cooling. This helps to optimize daily productivity and even reduces the number of forklifts required to accomplish objectives.

Reduce Downtime

Lithium forklift battery can last two to four times longer than a traditional lead-acid battery. With the ability to recharge or opportunity charge a lithium battery, you will eliminate the need to perform battery swaps, which will reduce downtime.

Fewer Required Batteries

Lithium forklift batteries can remain in equipment longer where one battery can take the place of three lead-acid batteries. This helps eliminate the cost and storage space required for additional lead-acid batteries.

Maintenance Free

Lithium batteries are virtually maintenance free, requiring none of the watering, equalizing, and cleaning needed to maintain lead-acid batteries.

The Different Classes of Forklift Trucks

The forklift truck has been around for a century, but today it is found in every warehouse operation around the world. There are seven classes of forklifts, and each forklift operator must be certified to use each class of truck that they’ll operate. Classification depends on factors such as applications, power options, and features of the forklift.

Electric Forklift Battery

Main battery types to power their electric forklifts: lithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries.

3 Wheel Forklift Battery

JB BATTERY deep-cycle high performance LiFePO4 forklift batteries compatible with all 3 Wheel Forklifts.

Combilift Forklift Battery

JB BATTERY lithium batteries have full communications integration with the whole line of Combilift electric lift trucks.

Heavy-Duty Forklift Battery

JB BATTERY LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery for TOYOTA, YALE-HYSTER, LINDE, TAYLOR, KALMAR, LIFT-FORCE AND RANIERO heavy-duty forklifts.

Narrow Aisle Forklift Battery

Running JB BATTERY lithium-ion batteries using ‘opportunity charging’ can actually increase cycle lifetime and decrease the battery size required for a job, saving you money.

Walkie Stackers Battery

JB BATTERY lithium stacker charges faster, lasts longer and weighs less than the classic pallet trucks with lead-acid battery.

Walkie Pallet Jacks Battery

Maintenance-free LiFePO4 replacement / spare battery with lithium-ion technology, for more flexibility and long usage times, quick and easy battery replacement, instead of Lead-Acid.

Aerial Work Platform AWP Lithium Battery

Aerial Work Platform Battery

The LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are becoming more and more popular for aerial work platforms.

24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery

JB BATTERY Lithium-ion batteries offer numerous advantages. They have a higher efficiency, a much higher energy density and a longer life cycle.

agv automated guided vehicle battery manufacturers

AMR & AGM Battery

Purpose-built 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V batteries with high-current and Electro Magnetic Interference hardened Battery Management System and LYNK Port functionality for systems integration with controllers, chargers and communication gateways.

Customized Forklift Battery

You can customize the voltage, capacity, case material, case size, case shape, charge method, case color, display, battery cell type, waterproof protection.

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