Forklift Battery Upgrade and Supply Case

JB BATTERY provides forklift battery solutions to the world market, Texas marketplace. JB BATTERY specializes in the manufacturer and service of forklift battery system. We offer the batteries for forklift factory, and support forklift power supply upgrade for the airpot, logistics, warehouse.


If you can’t fine the suitable battery for you forklift on the market, we can offer the customized service for you, include customizing battery pack’s performance, shape, type, material.


Are your forklifts very efficiency with the un-lithium batter? Do you want a high performance battery to upgrade the forklifts? JB BATTERY’s LiFePO4 forklift battery is the best choice.


JB BATTERY is a professional forlift battery manufacturer, we specialize in forklift power supply over 15 years, we are the one of the best forklift battery suppliers all over the world.

We provide Forklift Battery with our LiFePO4 Battery pack to clients all over the worlds and had delivered hundreds of Lithium Forklift batteries to the USA, Australia and Europe, we provide full power solution to client who want to exchange the lead-acid forklift battery pack to Lithium Forklift battery pack.

Case in America:

Lithium-ion battery is safer for the forklift drivers base on OSHA estimates

Case in Germany:

Leaner Manufacturing with Lithium Batteries

Case in UK:

Modify a used forklift

Case in France:

France’s source for new and reconditioned forklift batteres

Case in Canada:

Cooperate with local Lead-Aicd Battery Manufacturer

Case in Southern Africa:

Forklift Agency sells new forklifts,used forklifts and forklift batteries.

Case in Israel :

Electric Forklift Battery Replacement Solution

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