Case in South Africa: JB BATTERY Forklift BATTERY Agency

JB BATTERY is supplying customised lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs to top-end forklift supplier, A agent in South Africa, the sole distributor of well-known forklifts in Southern Africa. The battery packs are assembled at the Alrode factory of JB BATTERY and supplied to South Africa to install as a specific customer requirement.

The agent sells new and used forklifts to its broad customer base across Southern Africa, with 170 models to give its customers maximum flexibility in meeting all of their materials-handling requirements. These include diesel, electric and LPG-petrol powered options.

With lithium ion batteries now included in the mix, the increase in the uptake of environment-friendly electric forklifts has been substantial. This power source now offers all of the benefits of electric forklifts, with none of the historic issues related to lead acid batteries. It therefore means a cost-effective, clean and efficient forklift to replace carbon-heavy internal combustion forklifts.

“This is a flagship customer for us, especially as Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is a leading global OEM,” comments JB BATTERY sales GM. The LiFePO4 battery packs are energy-efficient, compact and long-lasting. Features include fast charging times, zero maintenance and extended life expectancy for unparalleled performance and reliability.

Agent said that:“We have been working together with JB BATTERY for the last ten months. As a new partnership, we have developed a good relationship with JB BATTERY based on a solid product, backed up by great service levels and communication between our companies.”

“We have purchased 450 plus batteries from JB BATTERY, and received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, with no product issues to date. We see the pairing of lithium ion batteries with our electric range as a key offering to our customers, with the materials-handling industry moving towards cleaner, more cost-effective solutions.”

JB BATTERY is an ennergy storage battery manufacturer. Its main focus is the provision of energy storage in the form of LiFePO4 battery packs for forklifts in materials-handling applications, in addition to battery-operated industrial equipment such as cleaning equipment and related battery chargers.

The company has an exclusive distribution agreement with the highest-volume producer of heavy-duty LiFePO4 Li-ion batteries globally. These range from small 25,6 V 135 Ah units, right up to larger 80 V 700 Ah units. Its all-aluminium casings, inserted in heavy-duty mild steel tanks for extra durability and robustness. These can also be customised for specific customer requirements.

Each pack is supplied with an integrated battery monitoring system (BMS) that safely manages the charge and discharge for maximum lifespan. Complete battery modules and spare parts, including harnesses and BMS components, are also available. An optional integrated telematics system allows for remote monitoring and fault-finding, which is critical in the harsh operating conditions found in most forklift operations. JB BATTERY offers an unprecedented five-year, 12 000 hour guarantee on its battery packs.

The application of LiFePO4 technology in forklifts represents the latest advance in motive power in this sector. Not only are LiFePO4 battery packs more cost-effective and maintenance-free, they are environmentally-friendly as well. “Supply-chain management has never been more efficient and productive thanks to such developments.”

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