Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery

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What is an automated guided vehicle?
Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are, put simply, driverless vehicles used to move material. They can look very much like traditional forklifts, though they may lack a cockpit. Depending on the application, they can also take less traditional shapes. Low-profile AGVs may look like industrial robots and move material by jacking up shelving from below.

The benefits of an AGV
In a survey of leading companies in the material handling industry, “attracting and retaining a qualified workforce” was cited by 48% of the respondents as their leading concern. AGVs help address this issue by replacing operators. More than that, however, AGVs are more efficient than their human counterparts. And while their up-front cost can be substantial, they never expect overtime or holiday pay, never call in sick or take vacations, and won’t leave to work for a higher-paying competitor.

AGVs also minimize damages to products, machinery, and infrastructure. They are equipped with collision avoidance so they don’t hit walls, columns, or other infrastructure. At the same time, they can be programmed to handle various products as gently as needed, reducing damages.

Battery Management
An AGV’s batteries can be recharged in a number of ways.

Bays can be set up next to which the AGV parks. The spent battery is removed and a fresh one installed automatically. Or, the AGV might put itself into an idle mode and recharge while parked.

More complicated systems will have opportunities for an AGV to charge during short periods of downtime in its work cycle. Less complicated systems require a person to manually pull a battery out and replace it, or plug in a charging cable.

Lithium iron phosphate Batteries for AGV, AMR & mobile robots
Batteries for industrial trucks, mobile robots and autonomous vehicles have very special requirements in terms of performance, lifespan and charging cycles, which is why high-quality lithium-ion batteries are important to avoid unnecessary costs. Knowledge of how to correctly charge the batteries is also important to ensure safety and maintain the functionality of the batteries for industrial trucks.

36 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer
36 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer

JB BATTERY Lithium-ion batteries offer numerous advantages. They have a higher efficiency, a much higher energy density and a longer life cycle. They are also much less maintenance than lead acid batteries.

The JB BATTERY lithium battery technology for automated guided vehicles (AGV) have, in addition to the much longer operating time, lifespan and faster charging time, the recharge efficiency exceeds by far and you no longer have to be afraid of the batteries being completely discharged. In the medium term, such automated guided vehicle batteries are cheaper in contrast to the classic lead-acid batteries (SLAB).

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