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Electric forklift battery replacement cost: is it worth its price?

Electric forklift battery replacement cost: is it worth its price?

When you think of forklift battery replacement, the acquisition cost is one of the main things that can worry you. But unfortunately, this is one thing that limits most people from getting the best quality batteries in the first place.

When considering cost, it is easy to make a mistake. This is because many people will concentrate on the purchase price erroneously, believing that it is the only cost needed. the cost of a battery is deeper than many think. This is because the different batteries are available at different prices.

Electric Forklift Battery Replacement Cost
Electric Forklift Battery Replacement Cost

General cost
Generally speaking, lead-acid forklift battery replacement costs are lower than lithium-ion packs. Getting the cheapest option may look like the best way to go initially. However, if you are a warehouse manager, you need to pay attention to detail and pay close attention as it can shed light on the true cost.

When you factor in maintenance and labor, you realize that lead acid batteries can be a nuisance. However, there are other hidden costs as well. They come in the form of safety, labor, and time.

• Labor: you will need more people to handle lead acid batteries. This is because they have maintenance requirements to be met.

• Time: charging and cooling the batteries take around 16 hours. This means a longer downtime.

• Safety: the batteries produce gasses and chemicals, and that is why they need special rooms to charge safely

The best choice
Forklift battery replacement costs for lithium-ion are higher. However, you won’t have to worry about charging if you have a matching charger and a good power outlet. The other thing is that you get a much better ROI because the batteries are energy efficient. They are created in a way that they reduce energy costs, which is very substantial.

Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead acid, but you realize that they don’t have to be replaced as often. Lead acid batteries have a much shorter life cycle compared to lithium-ion options. When maintained the right way, the life cycles of lead acids can last up to a maximum of 1500 cycles. If poorly maintained, that lifecycle goes even lower. For lithium-ion options, you can enjoy up to 3500 cycles which is more than double what lead acid offers.

The short lifespan of lead acid batteries also happens because of overfilling the water levels and opportunity charging. Lead acid batteries are not designed for fast charging or opportunity charging like the case of lithium-ion batteries. Opportunity charging causes sulfation in lead acid batteries which affect lifespan and performance.

Why choose JB Batteries
For the best forklift battery replacement cost, you must choose the industry’s most seasoned manufacturer. At JB Battery, we fit the bid and always work hard to ensure you get the highest quality battery options possible.

We offer a wide range of lithium-ion batteries for your electric forklifts that are engineered to give the best performance and a decent life cycle in different operating temperatures. One thing that sets us apart is adhering to the best development strategy and focusing on the best products and technologies. Our forklift battery replacement costs may be high, but you will eventually realize their many benefits.

72 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer
72 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer

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