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Advantages and benefits of walkie pallet jack lithium-ion forklift battery from material handling fork truck battery suppliers

Advantages and benefits of walkie pallet jack lithium-ion forklift battery from material handling fork truck battery suppliers

Due to the high demand for increased productivity levels, many companies are looking for alternative battery solutions for their forklifts. One of such advanced battery solutions is the walkie pallet jack electric forklift lithium-ion battery. The battery comes with a lot of advanced technology. This is why it is more preferred in forklifts than the conventional lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are good but are not as competitive as lithium-ion options. While they are used on electric forklifts, they are not great for maximum productivity. They are also prone to downtimes and unexpected breakdowns. They are not a useful hardware investment for running multiple work shifts in demanding environments.


walkie pallet jack electric forklift lithium battery
walkie pallet jack electric forklift lithium battery

Lithium-ion forklift electric batteries are superior to lead-acid variants. They seem rather expensive, but this is due to the superior technology and manufacturing sophistication that was used to produce the battery. Companies looking to use lithium-ion electric forklift batteries will need to make an initial investment. Many forklift operators and owners agree that the advantages and benefits far outweigh this initial cost. If managed properly, the battery will provide a high return on its initial investment.

Advantages and benefits of the electric walkie pallet jack lithium-ion battery for forklifts
When it comes to the forklift battery, the lithium-ion variant has been engineered for maximum efficiency. This is evidenced by the many advantages and benefits that it provides. They are:
Increase the throughput and productivity of your forklift operator
During a single work shift, lithium electric batteries tend to maintain a consistent and higher voltage. By consistent voltage, the operator will work with a high-performance forklift at all times during the day. This will certainly increase the daily throughput in that facility. Lithium electric batteries usually charge within a short time. This means that your daily throughput and productivity will be improved.

Reduce the total downtime during regular work shifts
A lithium-ion electric battery has a regular work time that is about 2 to 5 times longer than a conventional lead-acid forklift battery. Lithium-ion electric batteries can be recharged easily rather than being changed. This means that every charging opportunity prevents you from wasting time through battery swaps. This will significantly reduce the downtime that is usually used to charge the battery.

A battery with a very minimal maintenance
Lithium electric forklift batteries come with a sealed casing. The sealed casing means that you do not have to perform any DIY work on the battery. This means that you will not be cleaning, equalizing, or watering the battery constantly. These are electric batteries that have virtually zero maintenance requirements. This minimal maintenance requirement will help minimize downtime and bring down operational costs.

Ramp up productivity with faster charging times
The lithium electric forklift battery allows operators and owners to increase their daily throughputs without much interruption. Conventional forklift batteries usually require various long-running battery operations. However, electric lithium batteries usually need only charging. And this charging process is usually very fast. The process is significantly faster. Moreover, there wouldn’t be any need for the battery to be left to cool down. The lithium electric batteries can be fully charged in under an hour. This means that lithium electric batteries charge 8 times faster than the conventional lead-acid battery. Furthermore, this battery does not need to be charged fully before you begin your shift. This makes it possible for operators to resume work and be able to top up the charge during their breaks. This can also be done in between work shifts of different operators.

Battery Management Systems (BMS) to fully understand your battery
The walkie pallet jack electric forklift lithium battery comes with a Battery Management System(BMS). This makes it possible for your battery to communicate to you about its working status. The battery sends you regular and periodic updates about its status and health. This way, you know when to perform corrective measures. This way, you will be able to prevent unexpected breakdowns and downtimes.

Get longer warranties and product durability reassurance
Another great benefit of the walkie pallet jack electric forklift lithium battery is its long warranty. Due to the importance of the product, many manufacturers usually offer owners long warranties. The warranties offered on electric walkie pallet jack lithium-ion batteries are usually longer and cover a significant work period. This is not the same with lead-acid batteries as you will need to properly follow certain instructions to activate the warranty.

Use an eco-friendlier battery with minimal effect on the health and the environment
The electric walkie pallet jack lithium-ion battery for forklifts is an environmentally-friendly device. It does not come with any internal combustion or heat discharge. This way, toxic substances will be prevented from being emitted into the surrounding area. This guarantees the long-term health of the operator as well as the well-being of the environment. This also means that they can be used safely within enclosed work areas. They do not need you to provide any type of ventilation, which can be expensive.

Their small form factor helps save space within your forklift
A electric walkie pallet jack lithium-ion battery usually comes with a small form factor. This small footprint means that it can be placed on your forklift and there will still be additional space left. This extra space can be used for storing various other components within the forklift. Their minimal size makes them lightweight and this also minimizes the total weight of the forklift.

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24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery
24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery

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