lithium-ion forklift battery vs lead acid

The suitability of forklift battery 48v from the 48 volt 200ah lithium-ion forklift battery maker

The suitability of forklift battery 48v from the 48 volt 200ah lithium-ion forklift battery maker

While picking the right forklift, the battery is very important. You should first ascertain that the battery you pick is the right fit for your forklift. This goes a long way in ensuring that things are done right.

A 48 volt 200ah lithium-ion forklift battery should be matched with the right fork truck for the best performance. One thing that discourages a lot of people from getting the batteries is because of their extra cost. Most people keep wondering whether they are worth the extra cost. You have to do some analysis to get the right answer to this question. The first thing to do is to consider whether the charging system you have in place already fits the application’s needs. This is a good battery choice if it is up to the task.

24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery
24 Volt lithium ion forklift truck battery

The cost consideration
You also need to consider the kind of downtime you experience during your operations and what a 48 volt lithium-ion forklift battery can do to change that. The labor cost is another important consideration. Think of it every month. Charging lead acid batteries requires extra labor because they must be monitored and attended to from time to time. In the long term, they can be more costly when compared to the initial cost of getting lithium-ion batteries.

If you are running multi-shift operations, this battery choice is the best. First, you realize that the cost of getting the batteries pays itself up within a few years. On average, single shift operation takes longer to pay off the batteries but eventually, it is the best solution. The other thing that makes the cost worth it is the durability of the batteries. You can use the batteries four times longer compared to other options. This means you don’t have to keep buying more after some time.

Retrofitting forklifts
48 volt lithium-ion forklift batteries can be used to retrofit your forklift. More and more people are realizing the many advantages of lithium-ion batteries and making the sensible switch. They are now installing new batteries and completing it with a charge meter. This has added to the popularity of this battery. You only have to ensure that the battery picked meets the specifications of the forklift so that it does not underperform or fail.

When it comes to forklifts, balance is very important. These are machines that are required to lift heavy loads. If a forklift is meant for lifting very heavy loads, then it should meet a specified weight limit to be able to do so without topping over. This means that it has to meet minimum weight.

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter compared to lead acid ones. This is why some come ready with ballast within the case for counterbalance. This is how they ensure that the minimum weight is met. So regardless of the model or make of your electric forklift, you can certainly get a battery that meets the requirement or have a manufacturer custom make it for you.

The reliability of these batteries in terms of power makes them the most suitable solution for you. 48 volt lithium-ion forklift batteries are reliable and consistent in multiple shifts. They reduce the amount of time that is spent on charging and maintenance. This means that you get your operations going without much downtime. You don’t have to worry about charging because they charge fast, and you can take advantage of breaks to get some power in.

Lithium-ion traction battery manufacturers
Lithium-ion traction battery manufacturers

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